Does it make any difference which party is dominating Britain after the election tomorrow?

DOES IT MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE who we vote for? And what would happen in the Green Party would get the majority in the British Parliament tomorrow? I do know theGreen Party would TRY to make real change, but I have NO DOUBT they would be stopped. Yesterday the front page of Evening Standard clearly told the readers: Vote for the Conservatives! During the last few months the right wing media have tried their best to frighten the shit out of voters in England to make them hate and fear the Scots, in case Labour gets in as they claim Milliband ( teh weak man) will be dominated by the popular strong woman who is described as ‘the most dangerous woman in Biritsh politics’. Just before the Scottish independence vote all the English major party leaders (including Labour, Lib Dem and the Tories) used disgusting technics to fighten the shit out of Scottish people, they informed them they will be starved to death if they vote for independence. So what would the same English parties and their media do, if a miracle happened and the Green Party would get the majority vote? They would tell people that death is awaiting them as the Greens are not interested in the so called ‘economic growth’, which is fundamental principle of the religion of modern politics and brain-washing. Almost no one questions the concept and the ideal, people don’t try to link the aim of ‘economic growth’ (for the sake of economic growth) to the divisions, mass-poverty and political domination which it creates.  For hundreds of years they have been brain-washing people that ‘economical growth’ will lead to salvation. Instead, it lead to slavery, teh destruction of the earth and our immediate enviroment, wars and  increasing starvation in large parts of the world. Now England is one of those countries wehre mass-starvation ahs been artifically created, where last year ONE MILLION people were forced to go to the ‘Food Banks’. The media creeated a witch-hunt against people who were forced into poverty by the recent Labour, Lib Dem and Tory policies. In cotnrary to popular imagination people can’t just walk into food banks. No, it is not a free self-service for the lazy selfish people how some TV programmes. would like us to beleive. Most food-bank only accept professional referrals, where the professionals must prove that the person or the family really don’t have any money and any food. And maximum 3 referrals are accepted a year per eprson or family. Just low income or living on minimal benefits (e.g. £70/week) is NOT accepted as a cause for referral, there must be additional reasons. One of the most common reason is when the Benefit Office STOPS someone’s benefits to punish them, for reasons such as the offices loosing the paper work (or online applciation going missing); or if a job-seeker is unnable to make the compulsory 25  online job applications per week; not being able to travel to medical tests (not having the money or the transport for disabled people), or failing these strange tests which are arranged to profit private health companies, who  are perhpas instructed to fail as many disalbed or sick people as they can. i met people who have failed these medical tests who were blind, or their legs or arms had been amputateed etc. but they were told they coudl still work, they don’t deserve the disability benefits. This is the Uk world in which we are asked to vote, and the Tories are promising to continue making the rich richer and the poor poorer as this is supposed to be good for ‘economic growth’. In my opinion the Liberal Democrates and Labour parties have been invovled in the same process for decades, but not to the same extent. They are killing people at home a bit slower (e.g. by the hidden privatisation of the NHS which they have all supported to some extent). But Labour is not different abroad, they kill others with as much enthusiam as the Tories, see Tory Blair’s record. Labour has just as happily started and continued wars than the Tories. In contrast to the major 3 parties the UK Green party does represent a fundamentally different approach, however so far they have failed to convince enough people to support them to make a difference in the Parliement. However I will vote for them as I believe their message will get stronger even if they won’t get more than their single Brighton seat, which Russel Brand is trying to help them to keep.

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