The mundane and the profound

The mundane and the profound




  1. lacking interest or excitement; dull.

    “his mundane, humdrum existence”

    synonyms: humdrumdullboringtediousmonotonoustiresomewearisome,prosaicunexcitinguninterestinguneventfulunvaryingunvaried,unremarkablerepetitiverepetitiousroutineordinaryeverydayday-to-dayquotidianrun-of-the-millcommonplacecommonworkaday,usualpedestriancustomaryregularnormalMore
  2. of this earthly world rather than a heavenly or spiritual one.

    “according to the Shinto doctrine, spirits of the dead can act upon the mundane world”

synonyms: earthlyworldlyterrestrialmaterialtemporalsecularnon-spiritual,fleshlycarnalsensual


“the mundane world”




  1. (of a state, quality, or emotion) very great or intense.

    “profound feelings of disquiet”

    synonyms: heartfeltintensekeengreat, very great, extremesincereearnest,deep, deepest, deeply felt, wholeheartedacuteoverpowering,overwhelmingdeep-seateddeep-rootedferventardent More
  2. (of a person or statement) having or showing great knowledge or insight.

    “a profound philosopher”

synonyms: wiselearnedcleverintelligent, with/showing great knowledge,knowledgeableintellectualscholarlysagesagaciouserudite,discerningpenetratingperceptiveastutethoughtful, full of insight,insightfulpercipientperspicaciousphilosophicaldeep

“a profound analysis of the problems”

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