Two women

Plumstead, South-East London. The woman walking on the street is originally from Nepal. There are many Nepalese people living in Plumstead. For me they radiate strenght. Western media likes to portray people from the “Third World” as phatetic victims, needing the help of the white people. Not only after earthquakes when we see the images of a few strong and good white individuals pulling out the brown or black survivors from the ruins, but generally. Their economics is always presented as ‘backward’ needing western-style ‘development’. In fact in Nepal generations of local people ensured that a few white individuals can ‘conquer’ the Himalayas, as it is the local people who carry the equipment, show the way, and they go first in the most dangerous situations – they die first too. Plus many nepali men have been fighting for the British Army as Gurkhas. Historically, it is not the people of the ‘Third World’ who need the help of the white people, but the other way round. Women 2

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