Chalk Farm, Camden. The evening of 24th June 2015

9 thoughts on “Chalk Farm, Camden. The evening of 24th June 2015

    1. Hi Josh, yes, Camden offers itself to be photographed. But there are many other parts of London, e.g. Lewisham, Deptford, Woolwich which are just as exciting, however there I have to hide my ‘camera’ – meaning I am using my mobile phone, holding it in front fo my stomach, pretending to hold it simply, and the picture will be either successfull or not. In Camden not many people mind if you take photos, but the poor people of other districts are more proud (and soemtimes hostile) if they notice someone is taking photos of them. I have a short film I made based on my photos in Deptford, with music, which I will re-post today. But can also be found a you-tube in my channel under my name, Piroska Markus. I love your profile image.


    1. Thank you Elmer Nev Valenzuela. Thank you for finding my site and commenting on this post. I checked out your site, I definitely like your photos too, and started to follow you this morning. Piroska


  1. Interesting scenes captured and to me quite unrecognizable as the place I caught the tube each morning 50 years ago. Love Cx


    1. Hi Elmer, I am a woman. You said, “Thanks man”. Markus is my surname. Many people assume I am a man. Piroska is a Hungarian female name. But it is ok. You could not have known.


  2. Hi Christine, I am sure you could still recognise parts. The tube station may look exactly the same. As the Council Estate opposite Chalk Farm Station. And most buildings on the main road. But the athomsphere may have changed, and the type of people who get attracted to Camden.


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