4 thoughts on “People and trees. Shadow series

  1. Hi Piri,

    I am very much into shadow photography myself so for this reason i love this series. Regading your question should some pictures be excluded from this series, I think yes, I’d prefer to take some pictures out. It would help if each photo were identifiable by a number, then I could tell you which ones I think to take out because less is more in the series to make your point. But it is a beautiful series and two or three of the pictures are better then the rest, in my opinion. They are worth blowing up on quality paper to sell.

    I like the link of trees and people, it is so evocative. Here are some of my thoughts: the web of life, how all living beings are connected; people walking shows how we are here on this earth for a brief period of time, exiting the stage and the trees remain; the fleetingness of our existence; trees branches like roots; making what is usually stretching upwards into the sky into a 2-D painting on the floor as it were. It is really poetic! Well done!

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