My Prayer

Our Father

Who is neither in heaven nor anywhere else

Thus it’s worthless to hallow your name.

I rather if your Kingdom never comes

Your Will is the big unknown to us.

We have to work for our daily bread

(you could give us something else instead).

You can forgive our trespasses

But we can’t forgive your crimes

and the stupidity of our neighbours.

Please, lead us into temptation!

If you fancy

make a pact with the Devil.

You can keep the boring heaven

But it’s time you leave the Earth!

Let us play our games here without your intervention.

When have you last shown your good side?

On the Earth you seem to have strange favorites.

You make the ugliest rich

and many good people poor.

You throw illness and disability at people

as if their suffering fulfilled any purpose.

You create or unwilling to stop wars and destruction.


They claim

you sent your son down here

and allowed him to become the play-thing

of admirers

and murderers.

They claim

The Guilt

generated by his cruel murder on the cross

will make people better.

I have not seen any proof yet.

Power and Glory are made off melting materials.

You can keep them too, we need something else.


Piroska Markus

St Mark's Church window