The mundane and the profound

The mundane and the profound




  1. lacking interest or excitement; dull.

    “his mundane, humdrum existence”

    synonyms: humdrumdullboringtediousmonotonoustiresomewearisome,prosaicunexcitinguninterestinguneventfulunvaryingunvaried,unremarkablerepetitiverepetitiousroutineordinaryeverydayday-to-dayquotidianrun-of-the-millcommonplacecommonworkaday,usualpedestriancustomaryregularnormalMore
  2. of this earthly world rather than a heavenly or spiritual one.

    “according to the Shinto doctrine, spirits of the dead can act upon the mundane world”

synonyms: earthlyworldlyterrestrialmaterialtemporalsecularnon-spiritual,fleshlycarnalsensual


“the mundane world”




  1. (of a state, quality, or emotion) very great or intense.

    “profound feelings of disquiet”

    synonyms: heartfeltintensekeengreat, very great, extremesincereearnest,deep, deepest, deeply felt, wholeheartedacuteoverpowering,overwhelmingdeep-seateddeep-rootedferventardent More
  2. (of a person or statement) having or showing great knowledge or insight.

    “a profound philosopher”

synonyms: wiselearnedcleverintelligent, with/showing great knowledge,knowledgeableintellectualscholarlysagesagaciouserudite,discerningpenetratingperceptiveastutethoughtful, full of insight,insightfulpercipientperspicaciousphilosophicaldeep

“a profound analysis of the problems”


Poor London, Elephant & Castle area, 27/05/2015


No3 and No4. Man alone (see the rest in the previous post)


Men alone at the Thames. Southbank, Central London. Spring-time, 7pm on 19th May 2015

Man alone No13Man alone No12


The glorification of the military. The love of wars

I took these photos on 28.01.2015 in London, at Waterloo Station. A video was playing repeatedly for hours or days, trying to convince the passengers to join the British Reserve Army. I am posting these photos in connection to an article I wrote today which I posted earlier with the title “Who is laughing?” The article as my response to the important events which happened in Dallas last night. In the article I talked about reasons why people (anywhere) may join any type of fighting groups or armies, killing for their belief or for money, while powerful political influences are playing with their and other people’s lives and encourage many to become murderers.