The Magic of Greenwich Park on the Second Day of 2017


The entrance gate


A welcoming tree and a couple of walkers


The Museum of Time


Pure magic


The Planetarium


People live here!


The runner


The Moon. No1


The Moon. No2


The night has arrived

The sun and the tree which is supposed to be sad

In my original language, which is Hungarian, the name of the willow tree is ‘szomorú fűzfa’, which could be translated as ‘sad willow’. I always loved the willow, and I never seriously associated sadness with it. As a child, having holidays in a village in Hungary, I used to play at the river side with the village kids, and we used the branches of the willow tress to to help us jump into the river. We got hold of several branches while standing on the dry land, then we run, jumped, held our legs up, and jumped into the middle of the water. This was happiness! In England, where I live now, the name of the tree is not associated with sadness, and I wonder if anyone every thought about this tree as sad. Here is an early morning picture of a willow tree in South East London where I live. Do you think it is sad?


A nap és a szomorú fae.